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EXO - 140921 Marie Claire Korea, October issue - [SCAN][HQ]


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EXO - 140921 Marie Claire Korea, October issue - [SCAN][HQ]


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1 winner for Die Jungs Photobook

1 Winner for an Overdose Album

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LAVELY, Ladies’ Code’s fanclub, decided to make EunB’s wish come true by trying to make the group’s song #1 on the music charts. 

They asked everyone to stream Ladies’ Code’s “I’m Fine Thank You” on music sites to give EunB one last present. 

Other fanclubs also responded, pausing their own artists’ songs for awhile and playing “I’m Fine Thank You” instead. 

This is the result. 

Just this one day today,  I cry
I hope that you are forever happy, Good bye
Sometimes, you can think of me and smile
I’m fine thank you
Thank you

- Ladies’ Code -  I’m Fine Thank You


oh my god i just discovered a site where you can by bulk candy by color/flavor

you can buy two pounds of exclusively pink starbursts

you can buy endless red skittles

i never thought i’d see heaven


To hear that a K-pop idol died scares the shit out of me. It is just another reminder that idol’s are human and death is a possibility at any time. Cherish the moments with your idols while they are still here. Don’t cause fanwars or bash idols for no reasons because one day those idols will be gone. Enjoy the music and give them as much love as you can because you never know when it’s too late.

R.I.P EunB